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Attractive Postswith ropeholes.

Add these beautiful and efficient posts, complete with rope holes that can be used to create a hand rope railing to help with stability and security.  This is especially helpful for helping elderly people feel more secure, or those with poor balance.  Made of Recycled Plastic.

Sturdy Polypropylene Decking. (WoodAvailable)

This polypropylene dock top carries a 20 year UV rating.  We trust our dock construction durability and rigidity of our dock top so much, that we drove our Jeep onto to prove that it can handle whatever you can throw at. Not only is it sturdy, it is lightweight making it easy to transport, and simple to put in and out of the water for storage.

Wood dock available upon request.


automatically Fillwithwater

Our large diameter wheels cause the dock to role in the water with ease at the beginning of the summer so that you can begin enjoying your summer lake days without all the hassle.  Your dock can be removed just as easily at the end of the summer for safe winter storage. The large, easy to manoeuvre wheels automatically fill with water as you put the dock in the water, causing them to become great support for your dock.  As you take it out of the water, they automatically empty and become great for moving your dock across the land.



Our optional hinged ramps create a dynamic connection between your solid platform to our floating dock. This keeps your docks easily accessible and safe no matter the water level or weather. (Hand railing available as well.)


BOAT& Watercraftlifts activatedfrom


Protect your investment. Keep your boat safely out of the water with ease with our custom designed watercraft lifts, powered by the sun, and activated with your keychain. Storing your boat above the water between uses helps it stay clean, avoids it getting damaged and keeps it safe when you are not there.  It is also much more difficult to steal which keeps your investment secure, longer.



We have a great selection of vertical and candle lever options for you to choose from when it comes to customising your docks for your watercraft and equipment.  Our Canadian built manual lifts are so easy to use, that a child could turn the wheel.  Boat lifts are an essential part of protecting your investment.  Storing your boat above the water between uses helps it stay clean, avoids it getting scratches from being tied, and keeps it just like new for years to come.  It is also much more difficult to steal which keeps your investment secure, longer.





We offer custom attached seating and storage option for your dock as well so that you can sit enjoy the absolute beauty of nature surrounding your dock without cluttering it with all the ways you like to have fun on the water.




The wide step ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the water from your dock. Stay dry when removing the ladder.  The pivoting ladder will unpin and fold up onto your dock at the end of the season making dock removal a breeze. Add aluminium 'S' cleats to safely tie up your play toys like your kayaks, boats, jet-ski's. canoes, paddle boats, sail boats and all your other water toys to your incredibly sturdy dock.  Do you have an idea to customise your dock? Ask us. We would love to help you accomplish your dreams.


Originally designed to handle sewer lagoons.  The large plastic wheels will not hurt the membrane and the dock floats on top of the water, allowing you to lift items out of the water for cleaning or repair without going for a swim in the sewage.  Successfully being used at various locations, including the Waterville Hospital as pictured here.


Another option for securing your Jet Ski or boat on your waterfront. It's light weight aluminum averaging around 59Lbs, making it easy to install or remove.



Bertrand Docks expand your horizons… and your boat’s service life. Since 1995, Bertrand Docks has been offering boat lifts that protect watercraft from wear and tear.

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