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See What Our Customers Have to Say About our Docks

Julie & Sheldon Acott

Spending quality time with family and friends at the camp on a beautiful lake is an excellent way to spend warm summer days!  Since purchasing Todd's polypropylene decked docks, we have been able to spend more time building relationships and less time worrying about water levels.  The wooden decked docks that we previously owned would float away if the water rose above them so adjusting the level of our docks periodically throughout the summer was a way of life for us.  How wonderful it is to put our docks in at the beginning of summer and not have to touch them again until the end of summer.  I would highly recommend Todd's docking system to anyone looking for a sturdy, custom-built, safe, worry-free, and easily placed docks!

Andy Hunt

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the dock system you built for our home on the St John river.   I was anxious to find  a practical and comfortable docking solution that would deal with the frequent water level fluctuation combined with the heavy chop we can get some days on the river. The aluminium docks have been perfect for this. In fact, once I had the legs set to the right height I have not had to adjust them since. We also had no problem rolling the docks out of the river for the winter. The wheel kit makes this very manageable.


You and your guys have been great with my questions and accommodating to

some of the additional requests I have made since owning your product.

Mac Wilson

When looking to replace my docks I checked with Todd and decided on his docks .

I was very satisfied that everything was ready to install when promised and the workmanship was very professional. After using the docks for a year,we are very satisfied with the ease of

removing and installing. Also we find them to be very stable and comfortable on the feet 

Highly Recommend Todd and these docks 

Glen Fletcher

I love our new dock. The ramp makes it much easier to go down rather than stairs for us as seniors. Also, it doesn't matter how much the water level fluctuates, the water can flow over the dock and it stays stable even with my pontoon boat tied up to it. Love our dock.​

Ed Cowper

"Proud owner"

I really appreciate my new dock.  The wheels make it easy to install in the spring and take out in the fall.


I don't have to worry about the water getting too high or low, it can be adjusted easily, and it won't float away.


It looks attractive and the steps at each end makes it safe and easy to use.

Gary L. Worrell, PhD

I wanted to show you just how tough your jetski lift and dock system were yesterday on Cumberland Point, Grand Lake. My jetski appears to have handled the three-four foot waves with ease.

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